Fuck You Friday: You know you missed us

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Returning from hiatus to mad applause (right?), is Fuck You Friday, your weekly place to rant, rave, and discuss science, life, blogging, whether Phi Phi from RuPaul's Drag Race is an asshole, what have you.

Arggh, matey the GiveAFuck has eluded us, AGAIN!

If anyone has had an embarrassing email snafu recently, fear not! The level of shitstorm from your error cannot possibly be as large as it was for this Rutger's student, who hosted a showing of Song of the South and wrote "If you do come, hooch is most welcome, as are strawhats and other Darkeyisms. I might even buy a watermillyum if I get enough interest." Moral of the story: know your audience, muffins and minions!

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  • Dr. Cynicism says:

    Mad applause aimed in your direction.

    I'd also like to shout out one of the biggest "FUCK YOUs" that I've ever shouted, to my current university. FUCK YOU UNIVERSITY!!!! I'm done with your shit and I got a job somewhere else -- happy days for me are soon to return this coming Fall when I leave your sorry ass in the dust. FUCK YOU.

  • Crystal Voodoo says:

    I'd like to put out a big fuck you to collaborators who don't even do the minimum basic tests necessary to pursue a study properly. What kind of medicinal chemist doesn't bother to find out the Kd? Grrr.

  • B. Yond says:

    I would like to give a big FUCK YOU to a certain graduate program which rejected myself and my boyfriend with form letters that state, "Unfortunately, your interview did not meet the standards we have set for prospective students and we will not be granting you a position in our program at this time." There wasn't even any bullshit included about how they had more qualified applicants than spots, blah blah blah. Not only did they make me feel like shit, they have almost assured we will end up long distance AGAIN.

    • AcademicLurker says:

      Wow, that's obnoxious.

      Totally not OK unless one of you got drunk and threw up on the department chair or something.

  • ian cognito says:

    I want to dedicate a most profoundly heartfelt 'fuck you' to the financial institution with whom I invested a small sum of inheritance money 10 years ago. Having changed hands more times than I can count since the financial crisis, and for some reason having stopped sending me statements, they have now locked me out of my account for failing to answer challenge questions that relate to details of said account that I was in fact calling to ask them about. In tax season. Fuck you *very* much.

  • Fuck you , PowerPoint! Why won't you let me view or insert pictures? I just bought and installed you! Also, fuck you, Microsoft Support, for dropping my call every time you try to transfer me and never trying to contact me after saying you would.

  • Pascale says:

    Fuck you who think women should be abstain from sex or be continuously pregnant. A whole bunch of birth control gets used by MARRIED WOMEN who want to have sex with their HUSBANDS and neither party in the relationship wants 19 CHILDREN even if one spouse wants to be a stay-at-home parent!
    Even if women are not married, they only get preggers by having SEX WITH MEN! So women use those contraceptive pills so YOU D00DS don't have to bother with condoms! And you show your appreciation by passing laws that liken us to livestock!
    Fuck you all (but only in the figurative sense; if we literally fuck you, we might end up preggers with your asshat spawn).

  • Pharm Sci Grad says:

    There are so many pent up FFUs, I don't even know where to start...

    A great big FUCK YOU to the ER doctor who couldn't figure out why I was so sure I wasn't pregnant. There are a number of reasons why - all of them having to do with no sperm being anywhere near my uterus. Why this is so difficult for a highly educated medicial professional to comprehend I will fail to understand forever. Apparently queer or celibate are not options in this doctor's tiny, tiny mind.

    A huge FUCK YOU to hidden disabilities, which affect my ability to do my job but don't cause me to "look sick" and a side of FUCK YOU to the ridiculous medicines we have to treat these diseases, which result in my specialist telling me, "we don't know how it works, just that it does, and yeah, it has a lot of side effects, but it usually works." THIS is not evidence based medicine I am proud to write home about.

    Also, I shouldn't have to struggle with whether or not to tell my new supervisor about my medical conditions - since they do cause some workplace quirks. Why do I like to work odd hours when others aren't around? Perhaps because it's easier to work when I am not in pain, and people tend to trigger my condition? Why am I forgetting simple things or confusing acronyms - oh, is that a side effect of my new medication? A new job is hard enough without having to navigate all this extra chaos of how do I handle this with my boss, because once I say it I can't unsay it, but if I don't explain the boss may come to the wrong conclusion about me.

    FUCK having to deal with all of that, plus everything else that come with a new job, a new city, and new everything - a place where I have no family and no friends, starting over from scratch. To everything that has made that a more difficult process - FUCK. YOU.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Fuck you crazy mall people with your expensive hand bags that want all of your clothes for under $10! Also fuck you to the people who try to return worn clothing from 2007!

  • Belated, but FUCK YOU! to the people who made me lose what was supposed to be a 4 day Easter weekend by setting a grant deadline the following day (i.e. yesterday). First days "off" since Christmas and I spent them working.

    Also, I'll have my regular order of one FUCK YOU, STEPHEN HARPER AND YOUR ENTIRE PARTY!, please.

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  • univa says:

    Love fridaysm FU! :)

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