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As promised, your D-List Monktress is back to turn April into a blaze of glory! Though I did not receive enough questions (HINT) to do a legit 30-day reader takeover of my blog, I will do my best with what I got. And I might entertain questions submitted this month if my muffins and minions sacrifice enough cinnamon sugar scones in my honor…

Figure 1: The Monktress will be charging the sunset like a boss.

Line break of champions!

All right, on to the business times! I will start with Drugmonkey’s question, which was so cheesy I thought about answering it on April 1 because I was pretty sure he could not possibly be srsfaces.

 “ What was your most memorable science experience in primary or secondary school?”

 See? Cheesier than 200 year old barrel-aged brie, but then again, so is my answer. I don’t know if you could have guessed, but young Hermitage was a total Veruca Salt.  For reasons that escape me -- maybe it was bring you daughter to work day, or maybe I had set my daycare on fire – young Hermitage Salt was hauled into the parental unit’s lab for the day. This was my n00b mind’s version of hell because to me the lab equaled antiseptic and death,  and all avenues of escape were full of sick people who wanted touch me because I had cute pigtails. To which my response was OMFG SICK PEOPLE ARE TOUCHING ME, EWWW.  Like I said, young Hermitage was a dick.

Probably in a fit of desperation, the parental unit was all like C’MERE AND LOOK AT THIS COOL STUFF IN MY MICROSCOPE. I was snatched up by the petticoats and shoved in front of a microscope sample. In the field of view were some cool wriggling commas. I was transfixed and demanded to know what they were, to which the parental unit promptly said sperm (Scicurious would have been proud). I’m pretty sure I had no idea what sperm was other than something made of AWESOME. I then scrambled off the parental unit’s knee and went back to terrorizing the staff, having concluded science was indeed some pretty cool shit if you got to look at cool stuff like that every day.

So a few years later I decided I was going to become a biologist. A bajillion years later, I’m doing my Ph.D. in engineering. Totes makes sense right? But, then again, that’s a different story.

So how about your, my most favoritest of audiences? What was your most memorable science experience of your n00b heyday?

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  • scicurious says:

    OMG that photo is made of awesome.

    Perhaps my most memorable was when my lab partner spilled the FlyNap in AP Bio, and it was so bad we had to evacuate for several times!

    • thehermitage says:

      roflcopter, but that was such an excellent opportunity for a study with large n (just w/ teens, but todo lo mismo right?).

  • JPop says:

    Not exactly science, but I used to play 'grinding up plant material in water to make green water'. Imagine my surprise when 1st yr college labs turned out to contain the exact same exercise.

  • Allyson says:

    I remember the day when I figured out reptiles are the coolest animals, and switched from being an animal person to a herper. I was a high school intern at my local zoo, which meant I was babysitting young'uns learning about animals. We had day camp in a cold room when one of the teachers brought out education animals including a black rat snake named Lucifer (Lucy for short). After the kids headed out I was holding the snake, and she curled around me for warmth. I fell in love. Now I'm a Ph.D. student studying 200 species of awesome snakes. Wonder what I'd be doing if I'd met some cute bacteria?

  • Yael says:

    Doing research in a university physics lab as a high school student. "What, there is actually a job were you get PAID to do this?" Now a happy postdoc.

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