New Year, New Shenanigans

Jan 20 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

Your favorite D-List monktress has been busy with all sorts of hijinks in this New Year, none of which -- as my minions and muffins may have noticed -- involve blogging. After this week's Caption Contest Friday I will be taking a two month break, I will be back in April to do mai promised 30 day BLOG TAKEOVER (so still submit topics!).  After that I will entering official blog retirement. During my break I will try my bestestes to hand fun content (e.g. Wimminz in Academia sans Babies Carnival and Fuck You Friday) off to other bloggers so that you may get your shenanigans on, so if you want to take on some D-List responsibility lemme know!

So this is not official goodbyes, but early-warning-that-goodbye-is-imminent. Also known as famewhoring, which is something the Monktress does best. Tschüss!


Figure 1: Here's to a totes baller New Year!


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