Caption Contest WINNAH - Dec 9

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" Hmm, it looks like the green flourescence here plays an important signaling role in the transition of my pate to true foie gras. Perfect for dinner! My husband will be SO proud!" -scicurious

Runner Up That I Demand Be Written Into a Novel!
"Trying to distill priceless unobtainium inside a metal cargo container was hot, dangerous work. Dr Genelle's hair was ravaged by rogue resurgences of rare aerosols from the scant store of reagents she had smuggled aboard, the same aerosols that had left her pale and coughing even as she returned valiantly to the bench. No-one from Nature or Science will ever publish the details of her ground-breaking (now classified) discovery, or the devastating attack she thwarted... but readers, we owe her our very lives." -JPop

I will again NSFW the image itself for the grownups amongst us...

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  • scicurious says:

    Thank you! thank you! I'd like to thank the little people, but what have they done for me lately, amirite? :)

  • JPop says:

    Perhaps I should send the full, mind-boggling story of 'Dr Genelle and her Daring Defeat of the Deadly Scions of Distron' to Futures - the publication bar is low, after all :P

    *applause for scicurious, roses thrown onstage*

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