Muffin Horde vs Donors Choose

Nov 03 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

My minions and muffins answered to call to help brainwash teach kids the wonder of SCIENCE by donating the $$$ to Donor's Choose. We did a pretty awesome job given ThisFreakinEconomy and raised over $665 dollars! Pat yourselves on the back, donors:

Catharine Z.
Marie W.
Katherine S.

I said before that if you all out-fundraised your favorite D-List monktress that I will blog about whatever you guys want for 30 days. That did not happen.

But no worries, 'cause I grade on a curve.

So donors, you may each pick one topic and I will 100% blog about it. As for the rest of you *beady eyes* can use this as a forum to pitch topics you'd like me to talk about it. I will choose some, in addition to the donors topics, to create 30 days worth of blogginess. Your dead line is two weeks from today (11/17), so hup to it. You can send your suggestions via teh emailz and tweeter as well.


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