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Dear Douchecanoes,

I would like to send out a heartfelt 'go fuck yourself' to every asshole who loitered in a corner, purposely waiting until I walked away from my poster to pee, get coffee, etc to attempt to snap photos of my poster instead of  TALKING TO ME. People like you are the reason I saw multiple talks where folks wouldn't even say what agonists were used in their studies because they were too scared about being scooped to give a complete scientific presentation. FuckYouFuckYouFuckYouFuckYouFuckYou.




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  • WhizBANG says:

    And it's not even Friday...

  • odyssey says:

    Fuck them indeed.

  • ecologist says:

    Sorry, but what exactly is wrong with this? Certainly these mysterious people could come up to you, say "explain this to me, please", and after your explanation say "nice, let me get a photo of that..." You do realize that, as a poster at a meeting, it's public information to anyone who has registered for the conference, yes? Most people at conferences provide a 8.5 x 11 printout of the poster to hand out to anyone who wants one. So, what exactly is wrong except for the possible insulting implication of somehow not wanting to talk to you (which, I can admit, would be bothering)?

    • thehermitage says:

      Pictures are NOT ok at the conferences I go to, but they are so big that there is rarely a person with authority around to prevent it.

  • MM says:

    Um, most conferences I go to explicitly state that photographing posters is NOT allowed.

  • marc says:

    In my area posters are freely exchanged. Ask for a pdf and you'll get one. I don't quite get the whole taking pictures as forbidden thing. The poster isn't a secret.

  • Dr. Zeek says:

    Argh! No. Bad. Bad. BAD! Some of the conferences we (as in the proverbial we) go to don't even publish ABSTRACT books because they are expecting you to talk about and present unpublished data. Yes, you present to the public. Yes, even without taking pictures someone can still scoop your a$$. But, what it comes down to is the etiquette. Be cool and people will be cool with you. My science community is a tad small. I know my competitor's, they know me and for the most part it's all good. I would be LIVID if they came up and started taking pictures, but would send them a pdf copy of my poster if they asked nicely. There are rules, man, there are rules. Respect the rules, even the unspoken ones.

  • Pharm Sci Grad says:

    I hate that!!! I will give you a paper copy, I will even send you a PDF, but if you're too shady to chat with me, too bad. We are REQUIRED to present unpresented, unpublished data and I'm a grad student, so it's going to take me a minute to finish it. Douchecanoes indeed.

    Get Odyssey to send them some of those evil fairies ze's got hanging around his place. That'll teach 'em!

  • Crystal Voodoo says:

    That kind of behavior ruins the spirit of collaboration and intellectual growth that these poster sessions are supposed to foster. My first first-author publication was a back to back with field bigwig because his grad student felt safe enough to present their fancy new unpublished method at a conference. I convinced them to let me take their proof of concept method and prove that it worked in real world application. That kind of interaction is impossible to have if everyone is too scared that they will get scooped and eventually it stalls the scientific process. Douchcanoes indeed.

  • Nina says:

    Agree, it is BAD. Especially if you use your flash during a presentation.

  • thehermitage says:

    @WhizBang: One day I'm going to screw up FYF enough times my sheeples are gonna stage a revolt...

    @Odyssey: werd

    @MM: In my opinion unless there's a big shiny banner saying you CAN take pictures of other's work, it simply shouldn't be done. It turns conference talks and posters into press releases.

    @marc: I'm fine with people asking, I'm even fine with people distributing pdfs - if THEY want to. It is not up to the audience member to decide, imo, they can only ask.

    @Dr. Zeek: srsly! The number of times people snapped pics with their phones during presentations (with flash!). OMGARGLEBARGLE.

    @Pharm Sci Grad: Oh yea, I should totes rent out those fairies to be my presentation bouncers. FTW!

    @Crystal Voodoo: Exactly. Triple gold stars.

    @Nina: Saw it happen. Surprised the presenter didn't jump over the podium and beat the idjit with their laser pointer.

  • HFM says:

    Feh. Next time you have to abandon your poster, attach a sign saying "one of these reagents is mislabeled".

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