Hermitage Mid-Week Roundup

Jun 29 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

You favorite D-List Monktress smacked the inspiration pinata until it broke and only a middle finger foam hand fell out. So instead I will link to more exciting/inspriational shenanigans throughout the blogosphere:

1) FrauTech has wrote some ROCKING posts looking out the employment opportunities of different engineering disciplines vs a variety of factors. If you're an enginerd, if you're looking for a job, or if you just like graphs, go read that shiznit.

2) Dean Dad continues to drop the hot bloggy knowledge, this week about Meritocracy and Hiring

3) PLoS Blogger Travis Saunders torpedos my dream of subsisting entirely on my favorite beverage, chocolate milk.

4) Canadian GirlPostdoc coins a new term for the ladyfolk who have to TMI explain everything when they aren't Superwoman all the time.

5) Most importantly, your favorite D-List Monktress is on facebook! You know what to do

Figure 1: Don't think I wont' do it


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